Spring Break Travel Spots

by Alexa Salazar

With Spring Break fast approaching, friends and families are looking for a trip that is affordable, popular, and entertaining. There are a wide variety of vacation destinations, depending on the type of environment your family and friends want to be in. Do you like the outdoors, beaches, mountains, or a romantic setting?  After much research, the following   spring travel destinations are the top hot spots that promise an affordable and sensational trip.

    Puerto Rico

prNot only is Puerto Rico affordable, it is also entertaining! Puerto Rico’s great beaches and warm weather makes it an awesome spring vacation spot. The Luquillo Beach is one of the best family beaches on Puerto Rico. With its clear blue waters and white beach sand, families will surely enjoy it here. As a bonus, the food is tasty and spicy, and the clubs are amazing.


amsterdamAs the quixotic music plays softly in the background, a suave speaking man takes the love-struck, starry-eyed girl on a romantic sail in a canal ring. Does this sound like a typical romantic movie?  Amsterdam is known for these famous canals! You can walk through the canal streets or rent a boat and sail through the canal rings yourself. These canal rings are good for those who are looking for a romantic spring break.

amIn addition, if you are interested in history, Amsterdam has the Begijnhof Court that dates back to the middle ages, where the history and culture “wafts through the air.”

Grand Canyon

gdGrand Canyon is a perfect spring vacation location if your family is fond of  the outdoors. There are several things to do while  at the Grand Canyon. You might want to hike the Rim Trail, ride a mule, visit “The Trail of Time” (a geology exhibition), rent a bike,  take bike tour or explore on your own! However, avoid early spring for visiting this destination! Grand Canyon experiences a series of changing weather. One minute, it’s sunny spring weather, and the next day it is cold.  Be sure that if you do go to the Grand Canyon, it’s at late spring where you will have fantastic weather.

Miami Beach

mbHave you ever heard the phrase “Party in Miami”? Miami, one of the top vacation spots for college students. It is visited for the well known beaches, clubs, entertainment, and party scene. South Beach is known for attracting the “rich and famous,” but it is affordable for all.  The key to traveling to Miami is finding a great hotel with the amenities for your family and enjoying the sun, sand and ocean.

Washington D.C.

washington1Washington has a lot of marvelous mini-adventures that families of all age groups will surely love! There are so many attractions that will entertain people to no end. The cherry blossoms are a must see. The National Park Service predicts that the peak bloom will be April 8th  through the 12th . Unfortunately, Long Beach students won’t be able to attend the National Cherry Blossom Festival.  The Festival will be held from March 20th to April 13th. In addition to the monuments, Washington D.C. also has a plethora of museums; the Air and Space Museum and the American History Museum are popular among many.

There are more spring break travel spots that vary from the specialties they offer. For more information on these travel spots and many more, check out these sites:



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