A Sad Tail

By:Christina Acuna

dogEveryday helpless dogs are beaten, neglected, and forced to struggle for survival. In spite of the thousands waiting to be adopted, many people still choose to buy  a dog from a breeder. In fact, in an informal survey asking people where they would go to buy a dog, the most common answer was “at a pet store.” This pure and utter disregard for animal rescue centers, while not intentional, proves that people should be educated and informed about the reality of animal neglect and abuse.

Diane Indelicato, the director of East Rockaway’s Ruff House Rescue, started a non-profit animal rescue organization to not only raise awareness of animal cruelty, but to take action and save these animals. It’s difficult to forget that if it wasn’t for human cruelty, the center wouldn’t need to exist. Although a sole individual cannot end animal cruelty, every knowledgeable American can do something to help prevent it.

Similarly, this issue was recently brought to Long Beach High School, where the school sponsored a few shelter dogs for six weeks. As a school, money was raised to assist the dogs  in their struggle for survival. Concurrently, students were educated in their classrooms about how to respect the rights of other living things and how to live compassionately by treating all beings with the love, kindness, and respect they so richly deserve.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Although animal neglect is something that can’t be entirely eliminated, it is something that can be reduced. Of course, not everyone can adopt or temporarily foster a dog, but everyone can help in significant ways. For instance, Ruff House Rescue is a proud partnership of the search engine, Goodsearch. For every search, Goodsearch.com donates a penny to Ruff House Rescue. If everyone intentionally used Goodsearch.com rather than Google or Bing, they’d be helping to support Ruff House.

There are endless ways to help any organization; all that’s left to do is actually take the time to reach out and help. The links for more information about Goodsearch and Ruff House Rescue are listed below:

Goodsearch: http://www.goodsearch.com 

Ruff House Rescue: http://www.ruffhouserescue.com/rescueblog

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