Saying “I Do” to the IDs

By: Matt Michelman

The new policy for student ID cards has struck the student body at Long Beach High School. All students are required to possess their school ID while in the building. Students use the ID to check into school upon arrival and check into the cafeteria during their lunch period. Also, security guards are able to easily access a student schedule by taping the ID to a tablet. Many students are questioning the change. Mr. Bruno, dean of students, has answered our questions.

One of the most pressing questions was the objective of the ID cards.

Mr. Bruno responded, “It is for the safety of the students.  School shootings, unidentified people in a school building and other security issues all over the country are reason enough to prompt a change; we want to assure the safety of the students of Long Beach. With the ID cards, we know who comes in and  leaves the building. The cards also allow us to easily access a student’s schedule.”

Mr. Bruno shared the positive and negative feedback from these ID cards. He stated  the only negative feedback he heard was from  junior and senior students. These students have been used to a school system for so long and are now are experiencing a sudden change.

When asked about the timing, he answered that the district’s grant money was released, and the administration felt the time was appropriate to apply the change.  It gives students time to become familiar with the new procedures and culture of the school.

Mr. Bruno  informed me that we were behind other high schools with this new system. Those who argue with the new system are the individuals that have been a part of the old culture for so long. The students who will be attending high school for the years to come will adapt to the change.

The new system of ID cards is here to stay at Long Beach High School and is a change that all students should familiarize themselves with.

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