Snowed In

by Kevin Kaprat

72554d5b3c2f0cacb8930d0ae13ee6d2It has been a freezing, snowy, and rainy winter, with many possible snow days…

Long Beach High School has experienced only two snow days amidst the snowy weather; however, other schools, such as Island Park, Oceanside and Rockville Centre, have been racking up snow days. The excessive snow days may impact these districts in a variety of ways to “make up” the lost time. However, in the mist of the snow, many Long Beach students  have been upset about having to go to school in the mess.

One tenth grade student, Tyler Conklin, was very annoyed saying, “We are the only school  always open on this island!” This not only has students upset, but it also has many parents worried about the consequences of opening the school on snowy days. On Monday, February 3rd, a parent stated “It was very dangerous and unsafe outside.” Many parents were worried and rushed to the school to pick up their children in this particular snow storm.

Although the winter is not over, many people believe that this is one of the worst winters Long Island has seen in a while. Winter is not over yet and,  parents are taking many precautions with the weather. Although the countdown to spring has begun, we are not yet out of the clear from the winter weather.

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