Long Beach Class Olympics 2014

by Brandan Persaud

Class Olympics is a time for each grade to come together and most importantly work together on a theme of their choice.
This year the themes are as follows:
Freshmen Fiesta
Sock Hop Sophomores
Juniors Jump Through Time and
Senior Night Live

Class Olympics is on February 28, 2014. Members of each class come in early in the morning to decorate their designated hallway of their theme. Students are encouraged to wear their class’ custom designed t-shirts or dress accordingly to their class’ theme. Spirit points for each class will be tallied during the day from Student Government officials.

There will be a shortened bell schedule for the day. At 2:00 the sporting and swimming events will begin, approximately ending at 4:00. Commencing at 7:00 pm there will be mini competitions between the classes and the skit/ dance that each class has created will be performed. During the few hour break in between, each class will decorate their portion of the auditorium with decorations pertaining to their theme.
Whether or not you are involved in Class Olympics or not, everyone is encouraged to attend a fun-filled night with their families.

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