Hoffman’s Legendary Career

by Emma Cohen

Phillip-Seymour-Hoffman-GloboPhilip Seymour Hoffman’s old fashioned acting skills named him the most talented actor of his generation. He was known to make the roles he played lively and allowed people to connect on a personal level. Some of his most famous movies are:  Hunger Games (2013), Magnolia (1999) and Mission Impossible III.

In the late 90’s, he went from comedic and dark roles to an actor that made helpless men likeable. He had a gift that made the roles he played more interesting and charismatic. He started off his career at age 23 on Broadway and he joined the LAByrinth Theater Company in 1995. He staged and performed in numerous productions and received multiple Tony Awards for his work in theater.

He started his acting career in 1991 and was seen in movies immediately after. Hoffman was known for giving money to multiple charities and he also made a personal loan of 350,000 dollars to the Labyrinth Theater Group to try and help them through a rough patch. Considering he only gets an annual budget with six-figures, this was a very generous contribution.

Hoffman always did something memorable because of his talent, discipline and fearlessness. He was involved in either an independent movie, Hollywood, Blockbuster, theater production or Broadway. Hoffman was successful because he took his art in acting serious, no matter what part he was given. His own intelligence and drive allowed him to stand out from his colleagues. He has a gift to take certain roles and make them come to life, and allow the audience to see the beauty in someone who has been corrupted.

Unfortunately on February 2, 2014, we lost one of the most talented actors in our generation, at only 46. Hoffman was found dead in the bathroom of Hoffman’s West Village, Manhattan office apartment. Investigators state he died of a heroine overdose. This amazing actor and director lived a short but very successful life.

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