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Interview with an Artistic Triple Threat

By: Emily Hulbert It is rare that you will meet a person who is extremely talented in the arts, music, and theater. I was lucky enough to do such a thing. This person is Max Tunney or better known as Edna … Continue reading

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Audiences Marvel Over Hairspray

by Tiffany Canner If you were looking for a night full of entertainment, excitement, and dancing,  Long Beach High School’s production of Hairspray fulfilled your every wish. Hairspray is about a girl named Tracy Turnblad who is not exactly the perfect … Continue reading

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Snowed In

by Kevin Kaprat It has been a freezing, snowy, and rainy winter, with many possible snow days… Long Beach High School has experienced only two snow days amidst the snowy weather; however, other schools, such as Island Park, Oceanside and … Continue reading

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Long Beach Class Olympics 2014

by Brandan Persaud What is CLASS OLYMPICS?! Class Olympics is a time for each grade to come together and most importantly work together on a theme of their choice. This year the themes are as follows: Freshmen Fiesta Sock Hop … Continue reading

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Is Marijuana a Treatment for NFL Concussions?

By Justin Simms In a time of much controversy over the use of medicinal marijuana to treat concussions in the national football league, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has mentioned he would consider removing the debated substance from the banned substance … Continue reading

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Hoffman’s Legendary Career

by Emma Cohen Philip Seymour Hoffman’s old fashioned acting skills named him the most talented actor of his generation. He was known to make the roles he played lively and allowed people to connect on a personal level. Some of … Continue reading

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The New Elective Extravaganza

by Derek Topper ‘Tis the season that love is in the air; yet, it is also that time of year when many students go to their guidance counselors to schedule their classes for next year. Students may be dismayed to … Continue reading

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