Peer Leadership

By: Brandan Persaud

The Peer Leadership select group was established at Long Beach High School about a year ago. The Peer Leaders work tirelessly to make the school a better place.

After the holiday break, the Peer Leaders will push in to ninth grade team classes at the High School and visit the middle school health classes to talk to them on the issues of bullying, drugs and alcohol, and peer pressure. With this, the Peer Leaders hope to give a little insight on how they hope to gradually change the culture of Long Beach in a positive way. The visits will give the current ninth graders the ability to look up to someone in the hallways of LBHS. In the years to come, it will also allow the current middle school students to do the same when they move up to the high school. Who knows, maybe this will influence them to become a Peer Leader and make a difference in their own way.

The Peer Leaders also work closely with the Coalition for Underage Drinking. The

Above are the stickers placed on the milk cartons

Above are the stickers placed on the milk cartons

Sunday before Thanksgiving, Sunday, November 24, the Peer Leaders went to local food stores all over Long Beach to put awareness stickers on milk cartons. The mission of the stickers is to hopefully make parents and adults more aware of how easily accessible alcohol is for their own children.

On Wednesday, December 18, LBHS Peer Leaders wore shirts specially customized for them. That day, and every following Wednesday will be, “Wear the Shirt Wednesdays”. The Peer Leaders will hopefully be able to stand out from everyone else in school and show that they are there for anyone who may need help in any way, shape, or form. The club has come such a far way since it was established. Under the direction of Mrs. Deborah Capodifero, the after school club will now be offered as a class for the upcoming 2014-15 school year.

The Peer Leaders are shown wearing their customized shirts.

The Peer Leaders are shown wearing their customized shirts.

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