One Life

By: Sarah WhelanimagesCA21RMS1

Paul Walker passed away very recently, due to a car crash. Paul was beloved by many, including myself, ever since Fast and Furious. This sudden death was a shock to everyone, his friends were crushed and his thirteen-year-old daughter was beyond destroyed by the news. Paul was on his way to his own charity event when his friend lost control and went straight into a tree; the car burst into flames and Paul’s life was taken away.

Vin Diesel, a friend of Walkers, wrote on Facebook,

“I went to try to give strength to the Walker family, but I soon broke down.  I realized that I needed their strength. I apologized for crying, and his mom said, don’t apologize. I said, you lost a son. She said, yes I did, but you lost your other half. ”

As you can see Walker impacted many lives and touched so many hearts.

You don’t know how important something is until you lose it. Sometimes we need to lose something to understand its value to us. We tend to take things for granted because we know we will always have it. That’s why I think its good to have fear in the world, so people can cherish the moments and appreciate the value of things. Paul Walker will never be forgotten, and he will forever rest in peace. If Paul were here to watch how we all responded, he would want you to laugh at all the good memories you had with him and not grieve over his death. We must not be furious and blame others, and we will not get over it fast but that’s normal.

Fast and Furious

Paul Walker

Forever remembered

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