Thanksgivukkah: A Once In A Lifetime Holiday

by Emma Cohenthanksgiving3

Turkey laktka anyone?

Thanksgivukkah is a holiday that occurs when Hanukah and Thanksgiving fall on the same day. This phenomenon hasn’t occurred in 100 years and will only occur once in the next 70,000 years.

George Washington is known as the father of Thanksgivukkah. After a critical victory over the British at Saratoga in the fall of 1777, he celebrated this holiday. thanksgiving2

This unique holiday combines the traditional foods for Hanukkah, latkes, kugels, brisket, with the regular fixings for Thanksgiving, turkey, yams, stuffing. These delicious foods will leave you with an empty plate and a filled stomach. thanksgiving

This exclusive holiday portrays two cultures combined to create a wonderful, fun and delicious day.  Some ideas on how to establish both holidays on your dinner table are the turkey shaped menorah, sweet potato latkas, challah shaped turkey, and challah chestnut stuffing.

Pinterest has creative, fun and easy ideas for this holiday to share with your families. Also check out Martha Stewart’s website for delicious meals that will please every palette.

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