Amazing Performance of Almost, Maine

imageby Derek Topper

The Long Beach High School theater department put on an amazing performance of the show Almost, Maine this past weekend.

Directed by teacher, Mrs. Krywe, and student director, Emma Thurston, the show features moments of happiness but also moments of misfortune for the characters.

The show, which was the most produced play among all high schools for two of the last four years, was performed amazingly by the cast of Long Beach High School students.

The acting of the following students brought the audience to its feet.

Seniors: Emma Thurston, Emily Crean, Kayla McAvoy, Steven Roberts and Sarah Coletti

Juniors: Christian Musto, Maegan Miciotta and Annie Gloeggler Sophomores: Johnathan Kapillian, Max Tunney, Thomas Marsden, and Anna Falvey

Freshman: Sophie Allen

Their performance was amazing and their acting was brilliant. They all did a fantastic job, and I hope everyone had the chance to see the show  and had the chance to commend these fantastic thespians on their hard work.

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