Long Beach Volleyball Makes History

photoPhoto: The Long Beach volleyball team celebrates after winning the Nassau County Championship

by Molly Pfaff

The Long Beach girls volleyball team finished up their season with an extremely successful record of 16 and 1.  For the first time in history, the Long Beach girls volleyball team won the Nassau County Championship.

Long Beach played their season-long rival, South Side, for the county title.  “We wouldn’t want to play anyone else,” says senior captain, Krista Heidenfelder.  The girls played for the Long Island Championship against state runner-up team, Kings Park.

Although they came out with a loss, this is the furthest the girls’ volleyball team has ever been in Long Beach history.  “Our team is tough mentally and physically, we play as a team and we believe in each other and that’s what carried us to success this season,” says Heidenfelder.

Long Beach has gained success through their strong serves and tough defensive back row, which makes sure no easy balls touch the ground.

Senior captain, Justine Smith, is known for her great sets.

Long Beach is also strengthened by their talented right-side hitter Alex Price and tall blocker, Perri Steiner.  There is young talent from freshman, Gabby Ayzenberg.

“We don’t have one person to put the ball away,” says senior captain, Dakota O’Neill, “We play with heart and a lot of teams don’t have that.”

Congratulations on a great season ladies!

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