Managing the IB Diploma

by: Bridget Caslowitz ib

Long Beach High School recently added the IB diploma to their curriculum. For those of you unfamiliar with the system, it is a globally recognized program in 3,679 schools and 146 countries.

The goal of the program to not only educate and prepare students for college, but to help  students develop personal, emotional, and social skills. To graduate with an IB diploma, a student needs to reach a certain amount of credits. Students achieve these credits by taking IB classes.

There are a wide range of classes and opportunities for students. There is an additional requirement, the extended essay. The essay must consist of 4,000 words on a topic pertaining to the six-subjected areas provided. It is mandatory for the essays to be assessed by IB Committee.

Another part of the IB diploma is CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service). A student must set personal goals for themselves at the beginning of the CAS experience. They must take part in at least one activity relating to creativity, action, and service. Also, they most document their activities to show evidence of achievement and their learning outcomes.

The experience as a whole may be overwhelming, so when making your schedule and committing to the IB diploma, remember it is a two year plan that you must be committed to all through your junior and senior year.

Teachers and students have many different beliefs about the program. Many believe that it is a great program and wonderful experience. One thing that is true is that there is a tremendous amount of time that needs to be dedicated to the program.

Here are some helpful tips to get you through the work:stack-of-books

1 make study groups

2 spilt the work with a friend

3 do homework with a friend

4 study with a friend


For more information go to:

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