Construction of the Athletic Field


by: Jackie Gruber

Many students and faculty members can look outside the windows of the school to see the beautiful stadium being constructed right outside. Students are asking several questions such as: When will the field be done?  Who will have access to it? Student reporter, Jackie Gruber, sat down for a Q & A session with Mr. Epstein, Long Beach High School’s Athletic Director, regarding the new stadium.

1)      When will the new field be done?

Mr. Epstein:  The new field is going to be finished right in time for the upcoming spring athletic season.

2)      Who will have access to the new field?

Mr. Epstein: All students will have access to the new field. All sports teams: football, lacrosse, soccer, and physical education classes will be permitted to use the field. The marching band will also be allowed to practice for events the new field.

3)      Will there be a track or any other athletic facilities?

Mr. Epstein:  There is not going to be a track. We are in the process of building brand new tennis courts with a viewing area for watching games. Students will now have room to put their backpacks down on the bleachers and parents and spectators can watch the match.

4)      What advantages or disadvantages do you see in the future?stadium

Mr. Epstein: I do not see many disadvantages, one thing that might become an issue is distributing the field time equally. In Long Beach High School, we have many clubs and sports teams which all should be allowed to use the field. Some advantages of having the new field are that it will enhance our athletic facility, provide less of a commute for high school student-athletes, and the community will be able to use it for events as well.

5)      Why now?

Mr. Epstein:  The new athletic field was a part of the School Preservation Plan: Phase Four.  The bond was approved by Long Beach tax payers for the new field, tennis courts, and other high school construction.

6)      What are your hopes for the new facility for the future?

Mr. Epstein: I hope it is going to enrich the athletic program and encourage students to become more involved.  With the new field, we will be able to host more home games, night games, special events. I truly hope students will benefit and love the school field.

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