2013 World Series

 wsBy Justin Weissberg

           Once again, it is time for the Fall Classic! Of course, all the baseball fans are excited. The St. Louis Cardinals are up against the evenly matched Boston Red Sox.  The Cardinals won the World Series in 2011, and there are a few reasons why I think they will win this year as well.

            First off, the Cardinals have a fearsome rotation, Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha. Many believe that the World Series will be low scoring due to the cold weather causing balls to be hit shorter distances. Therefore, pitching will be a decisive part of this series, and it appears the Cardinals have the edge in this category. Unlike the Detroit Tiger’s vulnerable bullpen that let up 11 runs in the ALCS, the bullpen of the Cardinals is more reliable. Their post season ERA is an amazing 1.80, accompanied by a stellar 0.177 opponent batting average. The pitching staff of the Cardinals strikes fear into opposing hitters; it is going to be tough for Boston to hit successfully against them.

            The Cardinals hitters should not be underestimated, especially Allan Craig. He is recovering from a foot sprain, but he will be playing as a DH in Boston and a leering pinch hit threat in St. Louis. Allan will be a very challenging batter for the Boston pitching staff. The Red Sox are very skilled on the bases. They have an astounding 84.6 base stealing percentage, the best in American League history. Nevertheless, Yadier Molina will do what he does best, throwing out runners. Only 39 stolen bases were allowed by the St. Louis Cardinals, the lowest in either league. This Series will likely be close, going six or possibly even seven games. Tune in to watch the two best teams square off in this in the 2013 championship.

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