Long Beach Volleyball Defeats South Side

by Emma Cohen

On October 2, 2013, the Long Beach Girls Varsity Volleyball Team came together to defeat the number one seed and county champions of 2012, South Side. 

Let me take you back a year…The last time we were in South Side’s gym, it was a very emotional and stressful experience. As playoff season arrived, Hurricane Sandy left all of Long Beach in a bit of disarray. Most of our homes were destroyed and everyone was displaced. We (the volleyball team) hadn’t seen, played or contacted each other in a month. Once the situation settled down, a question remained, “Are the volleyball playoffs still happening?” One morning, we received a text from our Coach, Kerri Rehnback, asking if we wanted to play. She explained that we would only play if everyone was willing. Our team all agreed that we are a family, and we will not play without anyone.  For the first playoff game, South Side had the home advantage. We all searched for our uniforms and gathered ourselves on the bus to travel to the gym. Every single girl played with heart and integrity for our town, but the emotional and physical toll beat us up, resulting in a loss of three. This game was a learning experience and a motivation to come back stronger than ever…

On Wednesday, October 2nd , we reflected on the past and used it as inspiration in our huge win against South Side. We worked as a team to achieve our goal and came out with a victory in 4 games. The scores of the games were 25-23, 25-19, 25- 19, 25-23. We won the first two games, lost the third, and never gave up in the fourth.  All of the games were very close, but we finished the long rallies and kept every ball in play.  In the back of our heads we kept the motivating memory of last year and certainly did not want to feel that again. The back of our shirts read, “Make it Happen”, and that afternoon was definitely a memory that Long Beach Girls Volleyball will never forget.

On October 23, we will be hosting our next match against South Side in the Long Beach High School Gym. Please come support us and watch a fun filled, exciting game!

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