Ruff, Ruff, Ruff House Animal Rescue

Last summer, Christina Acuna spent the summer interning at Ruff House Rescue in East Rockaway, NY. As an intern, Christina fell in love with the animals at the shelter, so much so, she even became a foster parent to a cat for a month. This meaningful and moving experience prompted  Christina, Chandler Gregor and Gina Badamo to raise awareness for the shelter. These three girls are asking for YOUR help in supporting their Creative Activity Service (CAS) IB project.

Ruff House is a non-for profit animal shelter that takes in animals from kill shelters in New York and across the country.  Animals are cared for, fed and loved by dedicated volunteers and gracious donations. Thousands of dogs and cats have been saved by The Ruff House Shelter. Furthermore, Ruff House educates many people about the importance of spaying and neutering  pets to assist in over population.

Ruff House allows individuals and families to be foster parents to these  bundles of joy while they wait to be adopted. Adoption is also an option, check out the Ruff House website to see pictures of the animals up for adoption this month.

Christina, Chandler and Gina were unified in their mission and message to the school: “Our goal is to help the shelter in any way we can, every donation large or small will help.”

Long Beach High School will be sponsoring three dogs: Ginger, Kimmie, and Bear.  Click the links here to watch a short video about these dogs.

Ginger & Kimmie:


You can help by making a donation. Monetary donations are being accepted, as well as the following physical donations:

  • Dog food (Wellness, Proplan, Eukunuba, Science Diet, and/or Blue Buffalo)
  • Cat food
  • Leashes ( all sizes)
  • Nyla bones (dogs)
  • Newspapers
  • Dog toys
  • Cat toys

Donations  for Ruff House will be accepted throughout next the month of October. Also, there will be a bake sale on Thursday (10/17). There are donation boxes for the physical donations in each department office.

For more information about The Ruff House Animal Shelter, visit

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