Disarming Syria

By Justin Weissberg

        The spotlight has been shining on Syria ever since the August 21st chemical attack near Damascus. It was estimated that more than 1,400 people were killed as a result of this horrific event where sarin gas was used. The U.N. inspectors arrived in Syria on Wednesday in order to investigate claims of chemical weapon use by both the regime and rebels.

The U.N. has summarized their plan for disarming Syria in three succinct points. First, they want the regime to take responsibility for the chemical attack on August 21. The U.N. also wants clearly stated consequences for any violation to the disarmament. Lastly, the U.N. Security Council will still be in charge of dealing with any further turmoil related to the disarmament. Although, military force is not allowed to be automatically expedited if a violation occurs.

Russia and President Putin have supported the U.N.’s action plan, but some are hesitant to trust him. Former President Bill Clinton shows trust in Putin and his promises. In an interview with Piers Morgan, Clinton said “He kept his word in all the deals we made.” Clinton spent a plethora of time during his second term working with Putin when he was Russia’s prime minister. Even though  many people, including President Obama, have shown some doubt, they are willing to work with Russia for the sake of diplomacy. Nevertheless, the United States will still keep the leering threat of military action on the table.

It is crucial a peaceful solution can arise between the U.N. and Syria. It is in the best interest of the global community that chemical warfare is never used, no matter the circumstances. Even if this means that Russia and the U.S. must agree on the same idea.

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