“FALL” Into Fashion!

Photo of an autumn alley in the countryside.

By: Alexis Carfagno

     Welcoming in a new season means welcoming new fashion trends! It’s about that time of year to start putting away your summer clothes and embracing the awesome fashion trends coming this fall! Here are some fashion “must-haves” you might want to keep an eye out for!

plaid-shirt-elle-macpherson Plaid: Plaid, Plaid, and more plaid! Plaid was a big summer trend and it looks like this trend is here to stay for the fall! Plaid flannels are great fall fashion “must-haves.” A plaid flannel, graphic tank-top, leggings, boots, and you’re off to go and enjoy the chilly fall weather… fashionably!

 Beanies: Having a bad hair day? Not anymore! A simple “bad hair day” fix and stylish fall trend is to throw on a beanie!

Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party Faux Leather: Leather is all the rave this fall season! Want to keep warm while still looking chic? A short leather jacket can do the trick! Leather is also coming into play in other aspects of fashion including leggings!

 Military-Print Clothing: Military-print pants, shirts, dresses, jackets, and more! Military-print clothing is taking over stores! Military-print clothing gives a flattering pattern to an outfit!

 Aztec Prints: Aztec-printed clothing has been eye-catching for a lot of people. Aztec-printed leggings, shirts, and other articles of clothing radiate a tribal vibe!

 Denim/Leather Knit-Trimmed Jacket:  Can’t choose whether you want to take your denim / leather jacket or sweater when you go out for a nice, autumn walk? Why not try both? A fall fashion trend that has been seen throughout many stores is the denim or leather knit-trimmed jacket; combining a comfy sweater along with a chic denim or leather jacket!leather

     Keep warm while rocking these great fall fashion “must-haves”!!

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